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Best reasons why you should visit Paris



Best reasons why you should visit Paris
Photos: pexels

Best reasons why you should visit Paris – The world consists of a variety of beautiful, gorgeous countries such as Canada, London, Iceland, Thailand, Greece, New Zealand, and much more has something to offer to every visitor out there! Every country is unique be it in its surroundings, climate, nature, culture, etc. Of all the gorgeous, mind-blowing cities in the world, one popular city is, “The city of Love; Paris”. Having gained this name, it is a must say that having a reputation for love and romance is by far not the only reason to take a tour to Paris, France. There’s indeed so much more to explore alone in Paris.

You must have heard that Paris is a world of extremes be it in personality, food, landmarks, etc. Yet, that one factor cannot be a reason for you to not add Paris to your bucket list, as in any country you may find locals who may not be friendly towards you. The only way to get to know Paris for you is to visit it yourself!

Stated below are some of the best reasons why you should visit Paris; 

Breath-taking viewpoints

Paris has many lavish and fascinating viewpoints that each and every one of us may enjoy. The world-famous Eiffel Tower belongs to Paris and a visit to the tower can be extremely joyful and eye-catching. One can get to the top of the Eiffel tower either by climbing the stairs or through the elevator. Astonishing, gorgeous views of the city can be sighted from the top of the tower and I promise you, the feeling is going to be extremely divine. 


Another way to get a marvelous sight of the city is by climbing the Sacre Coeur; a Roman Catholic church and a Basilica, in which by climbing you can even observe the Eiffel Tower. A nighttime visit would be much better as the view of the lights of the city at night could make it even more incredible. 

1. Stupendous in all seasons.

A visit to Paris in any season is going to be an awe-inspiring experience, bringing out the unique qualities that are distinctive to its nature. 

Every season is going to give you a splendid experience! 

During winter each and every road in Paris is going to be filled with marvelous decorations turning the city into a Christmas movie together with the city lights, and snow during the season making the city look magical.

A visit during winter will give you the opportunity to go ice skating in and beside the Eiffel tower. 


During spring is more fascinating, seeing flower blossoms popping out, and the city being so colorful and filled with awe, even making the view of the Eiffel Tower incredible, with blossoms all over the city.  

The weather during Summer is extremely favorable and is a very good time to grab an ice cream while enjoying the beautiful sights.  

During Fall is a good time to visit Paris too. You can enjoy the most fascinating view of the Eiffel tower through the trees when the leaves have fallen. It is even more interesting to watch the leaves fall off during this time, giving you a mind-blowing experience.

The city of love is best at all seasons to take a tour, and it’s an opportunity you must never miss out on!

2. A great place for shopping.

Shopping in Paris is going to be an astounding experience, as Paris has different types of shopping available. 


Shopping in the streets and passages is available in Paris making it unique and spectacular. 

Champs Elysees is a very popular shopping street known to the world, long and broad; and even consists of many great shops, theatres, and cafes.

Shopping in the passages is more exciting and pleasing than in the wide streets. As the charming passages are covered choosing to shop here is great even when it’s raining in Paris. 

Des Panoramas is the oldest covered passage so far, which is available since 1799.

Even these passages have cafes inside just like the streets!


3. The view of Paris is Amazing and has many Interesting, wonderful places to visit.

Paris unlike other cities is the most charming, enduring, and alluring city in the world. Its beauty alone is jaw-droppingly giving every traveler a spectacular experience in each place they visit.

There are many fascinating places to be visited in Paris and the Eiffel tower plays a major role. 

It has been the world’s tallest structure for four decades, making it an iconic symbol of the city of Paris. 

It is even a symbol of love for couples. 

Having a height of 1063 feet, the Eiffel tower looks so alluring during the day, and even marvelous in the evenings when the lights are lit.


La Maison Rose, the elegant pink building in Montmartre street, a dazzling neighborhood in Paris is extremely breathtaking. The street consists of many other gorgeous buildings too.

Marvelous houses in pink, green, blue, and yellow can be soothing to your eye by a visit to Rue Crêmieux, one of the most colorful cities in Paris.

Odette; the green, black, white building is famous for its pastries, and is extremely irresistible. 

4. An incredible metro network 

Paris has a wonderful metro system, that is fast and convenient, and with is so much fun to travel through the metro.

There are over 300 metro stations in Paris and 16 lines. Transfers between lines are available in more than 60 stations. 


One spectacular, unique metro line is metro line 06. It lets you have a marvelous look of the Eiffel Tower, though for a few seconds making it a mind-boggling experience. 

5. Experience other parts of France, through high-speed trains.

Consisting of a great train network, it is much easier to visit other parts of France from Paris.

Nice is a picturesque city in the French Riviera that can give a beautiful view of the drop-dead gorgeous beaches and shopping streets. Monaco and Menton are other famous cities on the French Riviera. Strasbourg, Bordeaux, and Marseille are great options too!

6. Beautiful portraits of yourself

Place du Tertre is an alluring place to visit, in Montmartre, if you are an art lover. You can even buy art from here while experiencing jaw-dropping, gorgeous art. 

You may even get a painting of yourself alone, or with your partner or friends at an instant, as the artists are so much talent and are able to give us an impressing experience, of having to take the memories home.


7. The unique culture

There is so much to marvel over in the city of Paris apart from museums, buildings, etc.

The Parisian culture is extremely unique compared to the rest of the cultures in France.

A variety of cigar and wine shops, outdoor cafes, and wonderful cobblestone streets can be seen in Paris making it very unique from the rest of France. Striped shirts and berets won’t be sighted everywhere you look, and most importantly the French culture focuses on miniature things; fine wine, fine food, and fine people. 

A friendly conversation with a Parisian can even make your day better so you may even give it a try. It is much great if you could learn some basic French, as every Parisian might not be aware of English, nor are they bilingual, and your kick-off in some French can make them delighted to chat with you too.

8. To voyage the Seine River 

Seine river cruises are much famous among tourists as this is a different world experience. 


You can either have a jovial, exciting, fun, and adventurous Parisian experience or even relax while someone takes you around to witness the marvelous beauty of the French capital on the Seine cruise.

Boat tours are available all day, but the evening tours during Summer are the best as it gives you a much more delightful, pleasing experience. 

A rooftop dinner while sliding by the Eiffel Tower, enjoying the views sitting on a chair, indulging a glass of wine while wrapping yourself up in a blanket, you can enjoy the marvelous city lights that sparkle on the river. 

9. Wonderful Cafes

Le café Marly is a very special café in the city of Paris as you can have a beautiful view of the Louvre, one of the most famous buildings in the world. 

There are so many more lovely cafes in the city of Paris, and you will definitely set foot into one when you see them on the streets. You can sit there for hours enjoying your time to the maximum, and relax until and how much you want. 


10. Paris has the most popular museums

Art is famous in the city of Paris, and the world’s largest Art museum, “Louvre” is in Paris. There are around 40 000 objects in the museum and objects from the Roman and Greek eras can also be found in Louvre. Art from ancient Egypt can also be witnessed during your visit to the museum. The Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci is also on display at the museum.

Louvre is too large and one day alone is not enough to see everything.

Another famous museum is Musee d’Orsay. The museum displays French art that includes artworks from Van Gogh, Monet, and others.

By visiting Musée Picasso, you can explore artworks by Pablo Picasso. The museum consists of more than 5000 objects.

Moreover, you can visit the Musée Rodin to explore artwork made by Sculptor Rodin, who is also known as “The thinker” by the people.


11. You can explore movie locations in real life.

A part of the movie Inception took place at the Bir Hakeim bridge in Paris.

Even locations of movies such as Hugo, Da Vinci Code, and Before Sunset took place in Paris too!

Emily in Paris, a popular Netflix show also includes the locations of Paris, and for all movie fans, Paris is an amazing place to go to!

12. Romance and Love

Paris is known as the City of Love, and has many marvelous, breathtaking sights and views, that one can enjoy with their partner. 

Eiffel Tower is one of the most famous places to visit in Paris. The view of the Eiffel tower from Trocadéro is one of the best views you can ever have, making the Iron lady look amazing from out there. 


Watching the sunrise from the Eiffel tower can give you an amazing glimpse of nature, making you fall in love with nature even more. 

Brides in dresses can be found almost every day in Paris, as in this city of love many proposals take place each day. It is one of the most popular places for romantic photoshoots as well. 

Paris; a city that is alive, and pulsative at all times is a must-visit as it will fill your heart and mind with fascinating beauty.

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The Best Places to Travel Around Europe in 2023



The Best Places to Travel Around Europe in 2023

Europe is known to be the second-largest continent with the largest number of tourist attractions. Seven of the Ten best countries to travel to are located in Europe.

As the pandemic is settling down in countries, tourists have started to travel for some adventure to spend their time leisurely.

Traveling around Europe is one of the best things to do to enjoy your vacation with full luxury, style, and joy.

What is The Best Places to Travel Around Europe in 2023?

Ljubljana in Slovenia

Ljubljana in Slovenia
Photo by Blaž Gostinčar

A city filled with wonderful joys and excitement all around, filled with adventure is the capital of Slovenia.

Slovenia welcomes its visitors provoking their eagerness to explore its culture, art, entertainment, and broad green areas will give you a jaw-dropping experience, making you want to go back each time you leave.

Having a colorful history, and charming authentic culture, together with varied city life one may find marvelous views in, Slovenia has topped the list of the best destinations to go to in Europe!

Marbella in Spain

Marbella in Spain
Photo by pxhere

One other impressive and prestigious destination in Europe is the “Capital of the Sun”, Marbella, Spain.

Your tour can be spent with numerous things such as shopping, relaxation, restaurants, hotels, local handicrafts, golf, and outdoor sports.
It is an outstanding interest for companies and investors while being an established spot for digital nomads, gourmet, and sports enthusiasts.

Another unrivaled signature of this destination is its alleys which are filled with glamorous flowers and plants dangling on the balconies and walls. The warm micro-climate and year-round sunshine make it the best spot for outdoor sports.

Plovdiv in Bulgaria

Plovdiv in Bulgaria
Photo by Anton Atanasov on Unsplash

One of the world’s most ancient, continuously inhabited cities in Europe., one of the best destinations to visit in 2022.

Plovdiv is famous for its extraordinary memorials of antiquity such as the first-century theatre, the ancient forum, the Roman stadium belonging to the 2nd century, and impressive representations of Roman mosaic heritage from the 4th to 6th centuries.

One of the other cultural marvels of this destination is “Plovdiv’s old city” which is richly adorned with revival houses.

Leuven in Belgium

Leuven in Belgium
Photo by Neda Kekil

This is one of the best spots for any vocational getaway. The picturesque city is rich in its varied culture, heritage, art, science, beer, gastronomy, and shopping letting you explore marvelous beauties. This small university town draws tourists and visitors to adorn its wonderful beauty within walking and bike distance.
The town is filled with street markets with local products and car-free streets. Leuven is known as “The land of chocolate”, and is famous for its prominent outstanding history of breweries since 1366.

Lieven town hall made in Gothic architecture, one of the masterpieces of the 15th century consisting of its tall spires, is adorned with many statues of local figures, biblical characters, and saints. The painting of the Last Supper by Dieric Bouts can be observed opposite the late Gothic St. Peter’s Church.

London in the United Kingdom

London in the United Kingdom
Photo by Benjamin Davies on Unsplash

London, the capital of the United Kingdom is known to be one of Europe’s richest destinations. Big Ben, The London Eye, and Madame Tussauds attract tourists making everyone happy and delighted: both the young and old. Urban parks that have rare immense beauty can also be found in London, while they have been ranked among the most attractive city parks in Europe.

It is best if you can visit London during Spring or Summer the city is less crowded during this season. It is during this time parks in the city center and its surrounding areas are majestic with flowering plants, and trees while you can even have a marvelous view of deer roaming freely!

Istanbul in Turkey

Istanbul in Turkey
Photo by form PxHere

Istanbul is one of the other best destinations to go on a tour, around Europe. The city famous for its breathtaking views, sounds, and colors has many jaw-dropping views to offer you.

Lavish, striking mosques, fascinating museums that draw one’s attention, churches, and the Sultan palace together with fashionable art galleries, restaurants, and nightclubs make the city a city of paradise.

The blue mosque is famous for its Iznik tiles, Hagia Sophia and its awe-inspiring view, The Topkapi Palace museum, The Kariye museum to explore the spectacular Byzantine frescoes, Suleymaniye mosque: an awe-inspiring masterpiece of Sinan an Ottoman architect, and the Genoese Galata Tower with its wide extensive sights of the entire city are a must in your journey to Istanbul to triple the joy amongst you and your crew!

Rome in Italy

Rome in Italy
Photo by Cristina Gottardi on Unsplash

Many tourists around the world visit Rome, one of the most utterly stunning cities. You can alone discover the power of the Roman Empire on your visit to this fascinating destination.

One of the seven wonders of the world, The Roman Colosseum will give you a wonderful experience, while The Spanish Steps in the city is known to be one of the best places for a marriage proposal.

Rich in History and Art, Rome has regularly been selected as one of the best destinations in Europe for 10 years at a stretch and the marvelous hills, beautiful lakes, stunning rivers and beaches, vineyards, and fine food will give you an awe-inspiring sight of the destination.

Bavaria in Germany

Bavaria in Germany
Photo by  Lê Tuấn Hùng form PxHere

For every traveler new to Europe, Bavaria is the favorite destination. Many renowned legendary castles: Neuschwanstein Castle, a fairy tale castle ranked among the most beautiful castles in Germany can give you a fascinating experience.

This modern and open-minded region has a remarkable history and ancient history that will fascinate travelers around the globe. Bavaria consists of the largest forest in Europe. It is filled with green and rich plants and animals, making it the best place to go for anyone willing to enjoy a combination of nature, outdoor sports, gastronomy, and culture. There are ski resorts you can enjoy yourself with if you are visiting Bavaria in Winter.

Crete in Greece

Crete in Greece
Photo by Blanche Peulot on Unsplash

Not only the most popular but also the largest of Greek islands, Crete is the 88th largest island in the world. It is also the 5th largest island after Sicily, Cyprus, Sardinia, and Corsica in the Mediterranean sea.

Having a glimpse of historical sites such as Petras and Kommos, enjoying yourself by diving into the charming blue waters of Matala or Falasarna, a stay in Heraklion, or in the elegant port cities Agios Nikolaos or Chania, experiencing the island soaked in the sunshine with slightly warm winds being the best spot for wildlife lovers, foodies and even for anyone looking for relaxation, Crete has become popular amongst tourists!

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19 Tips to Travel on a budget



19 Tips to Travel on a budget
Photo by Leah Kelley

19 Tips to Travel on a budget – If you’re planning your vacation to reach places you haven’t visited before and have a little bit of adventure and time for yourself, traveling is indeed a great option!

Amidst your busy and tiring daily routine, it is much more comfortable to have some adventure along the way!

Here are all the tips you need, to travel on a budget to make your holiday destination useful and affordable!

Tip 01: Decide on your destination carefully.

Not every place that is expensive is best for a smart vacation. There is so much in the globe to explore, destinations that give you a wide range of adventure experiences, that are affordable and cheap. In a place where the currency value is favorable to the exchange rate of your country, you can research places that can be traveled on a budget, to explore what’s in there!


Tip 02: Make it a point to avoid tourist traps.

Places that are popular among tourists, which are tourist attraction sites are comparatively expensive. Hence it will be much cheaper if you are concerned about your budget, to travel to places that have great values and are hidden from the eye of man. In other words, places that are not very popular, but give you great enjoyment and contentment. 

Tip 03: Get hold of Travel Insurance.

Any financial losses and risks that you may face while traveling can be covered through travel insurance. Getting such travel insurance will be helpful for you to avoid any losses just in case your trip gets canceled, or you fall sick while being abroad. This is another tip for budget traveling. Though it can be quite expensive to gain such insurance, it is very much useful while traveling.

Tip 04: Travel to the desired destination during the off-season.

The crowd will be comparatively very less when you travel off-season, as many tourists and visitors come when it’s the best season. You can save some money that you might overspend while at the same time due to it being less crowded, you can enjoy the view all to yourself!

Hotels and airlines lower their prices during the shoulder season, to attract customers.

Tip 05: Confirm your bookings in advance.

Tickets cost cheaper and expenses are much less when you book in advance. Hassle-free and everything will be well organized knowing your limited budget, you will know how and when you will spend your cash.  


Tip 06: Make use of the Sky scanner.

By typing your home country/ airport and mentioning your destination on “” you can grab information about the cheapest flight detail available in between countries, together with the details of what is available on any day you wish.

Tip 07: Choose to fly Mid Week

More visitors enter a particular destination, especially during the weekend. Hence traveling during midweek, between Tuesday to Thursday is a good option.

Tip 08: Pack at your best, without fail

Make sure that all essential items are not missed when you’re packing your stuff. 

Having left out something that is important, would cost you more if you are to buy it abroad. 

Packing light by taking the items that are only necessary would decrease your cost as well, as the cost of baggage is going to increase when you bring more than you need. Eg: Make sure you pack clothes that you would surely wear.


Tip 09: Share 

Sharing your dorm with one or more people would reduce your accommodation cost. 

Tip 10: Couchsurfing 

You can choose to stay in another’s house temporarily during your stay in the country. This will help you reduce your cost as it is free of charge while it is up to you to choose people with houses that have good reviews. 

Tip 11: Choose to travel Overnight 

By choosing to travel overnight you will have much time to explore all the adventure activities during the day!

And it would also save the accommodation cost you will have to bear for that one night. 

Tip 12: Research backpacking experiences to the destination you have chosen.

By reading reviews and experiences of backpacking experiences others have updated on a particular location, you can grab enough information on how to plan your traveling. You can have an idea of a low-cost holiday in your desired location to spend your vacation. 


Tip 13: Free adventure opportunities 

Research activities that can be done for free during your stay. 

For example, if you’re heading to Thailand, maybe you can research free adventure activities available for anyone who visits.

Tip 14: Use a local Sim

Wherever you’re heading, having to pay for data roaming or Wi-Fi is going to be exorbitant. Hence using a local number of that country with local data packages to connect with the world would be a budget-friendly tip.

Tip 15: Cook for yourself

Having your meals out at all times is going to be costly. Hence you can shop at the supermarket nearby, and prepare your meal accordingly. Maybe you can include meals from outside on and off too, so you can also enjoy a snack of their local dishes.

Tip 16: Take currency in Hand

Taking currency in hand is relatively cheap, as ATMs charge a high amount while withdrawing and exchanging your money. This will help you reduce your cost while having to withdraw money from an ATM if you are to buy a particular item in your desired vacation location.


Tip 17: Negotiate 

Whenever you are purchasing an item try your best to negotiate with the prices as the prices for tourists will however be marked up. It will be more favorable towards you if you are bargaining with a few people/ a group of friends made along the way. 

Tip 18: Inquire from the locals

You can have a friendly conversation with the locals and get recommendations from them about places that you may visit, as their recommendations would be budget-friendly. The reason for this is that locals would not want to pay the same amount as the tourists, and they will have a majority of the best places to go to

Tip 19: Stick to your budget

Make sure you don’t overspend and plan your expenses accordingly. Every destination, most of it, has many free adventure activities to offer to you, and it is your choice to plan how many costly items you can be doing in your desired location.

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