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Top 10 Cheapest Countries To Visit In 2023



Top 10 Cheapest Countries To Visit In 2023
Photo by Te lensFix

Travelling makes you embrace new cultures, lifestyles, languages, fashion, food, surroundings, and much more. Some travel for business purposes while some travel because they simply love to explore new ideas and views. This article provides you with a glimpse of the top 10 cheapest countries to visit in 2023 you may visit.


Thailand being a South Asian, Buddhist country is renowned especially for its tropical beaches, Buddhist temples, magnificent palaces, delicious dishes, martial arts, and extraordinary places, and succeeds in attracting many tourists from all around the globe.

Bangkok is Thailand’s capital, It must say that the North of Thailand is comparatively cheaper than the South of Thailand, and Thailand is indeed a very affordable travel destination for anyone around the globe.

Travelers can have a wonderful time visiting Thailand and exploring its famous places even on a backpacker’s budget.

Pattaya City, located in Thailand is one the most famous beach destinations around the world, while it used to be a charming, picturesque, calm fishing village. It has a wide range of luxury resorts, and flawless and famous beaches such as Hat Sai Kaew, Koh Samet Beach, etc. That wouldn’t ever fail to give the visitors a marvelous sight and experience.

Chiang Rai is another popular Thai city that you must explore on your visit to Thailand. Trekking is available in the National park Lam Nam Kok and is one of the most famous activities out there.

Thailand tropical beaches

The city is also filled with marvelous waterfalls, forests, and tribal villages.
Krabi is a beautiful province made with a constitution of more than 200 islands and is even home to many beaches in Asia. Railay beach, Phi Phi islands are jaw-dropping amazing views that can take your breath away!

Kayaking and sailing are quite famous sports over here.

( Photo by Ricardo Flores )


In addition, Phuket is well renowned for its rich and wonderful beaches and Wat Chalong Buddhist temple, Chiang Mai town is filled with tropical rainforests providing hiking opportunities for travelers where the Doi Inthanon National Park,
Doi Suthep, and Wat Phra That Doi Suthep are famous, Koh Samui consisting of incredible beaches, Bangkok; The buzzing capital of Thailand that is well popular for its sparkling, vibrant nightlife, and Ayutthaya which was the capital of Thailand during the 14th century that allows visitors to the Ayutthaya Historical Park, also considered a UNESCO heritage site, Lumphini park, Wat Rong Khun (White temple) are some of the attractive, mind-boggling top destinations you may visit on your trip to Thailand.


Vietnam Photo by Vi Cuong Nguyen

Vietnam is a Southeast Asian country that is famous for its ruins, rivers, rice terraces, beaches, Buddhist pagodas breathtaking landscapes, and cities.

Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam. Apart from all the breathtaking views of Vietnam, the country must be visited due to its ancient history, manifold diverse culture, historic attractions, ancient traditions, old temples, and beguiling landscapes.

Vietnam is a very affordable destination, and an inexpensive country to start a living,

as their standard of living is low. Almost everything in the country costs less than half the price in countries in the West making it very cheap compared to many other Southeast Asian countries. In such an inexpensive country, the most expensive city is Ho Chi Minh City, along with Hanoi, where the living of a couple to have a fine middle-class life would cost $1300 a month.

Some of the breathtaking views of Vietnam that you may enjoy are stated below.

Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay
Photo by Ngoc Vuong

Also known as the Bay of descending dragons, is inclusive of 1600 islands and islets, topped by rainforests and thick jungle vegetation providing a breathtaking seascape of limestone pillars.

Some of these islands include enormous caves while some consist of lakes, and support floating villages of fishermen. Scuba diving, rock climbing, and hiking are very much popular in this region. Starting from September until November, and from March to May is the best time to get an experience of Ha Long Bay. Ha, Long Bay is even great for stand-up paddle boarding.


Sa Pa Terraces

Sa Pa Terraces
Photo by Pixabay

A town in North-western Vietnam that is prominent for its immaculate unspoiled rice terraces, fine, refreshing mountain atmosphere, and a group of ethnic minorities.

Marvelous hillsides and smaller ethnic villages can be explored by taking up the trekking opportunity that will take you through the region.

Con Dao Islands

Con Dao Islands
Photo by Ben

In ancient times in history, this is where thousands of prisoners of war were kept and was then known as the “Devil’s island of Indochina”, under French rule. Though it was used for such a purpose in ancient history, today it is well known for its wonderful beaches, scuba diving, and snorkeling spots. Some of the prisoner’s buildings too can be sighted in this group of sixteen islands that are located off the southern coast.

Marble mountains are charming and breathtaking being home to a variety of countless caves, while some house Buddhist sanctuaries, Saigon Notre Dame Cathedral has European architecture while many materials have been imported from France, The virgin Mary, stained glass panels, and carved tiles give an astonishing view, Tam Coc also known as the three caves, Hang Că, Hang Hai and Hang Ba being the areas main attracting views where guided boat tours take place to the caves, My Khe Beach also known as “China Beach”, is famous for its rich white sand, blue water, and bright sunny skies, Hang Son Doong Cave one of the largest caves in the world making it the largest in Vietnam, Temple of Literature in Hanoi, Cham Islands, etc some of the places that will make you enjoy your trip to Vietnam!

Nepal is one of the most famous, renowned travel destinations for backpackers as they travel on a very limited budget. The cost of staying at luxury hotels in Nepal starts from 120 USD and is said to be one of the cheapest destinations to travel to.

Having a diverse ethnic group, culture, and language, Nepal consists of stunning landscapes, the highest and deepest lakes, the highest valley, and many more.

High hill trekking is done in Nepal during Autumn and Spring, while sightseeing tours, bungee jumping, jungle safari where you can spot wildlife species, and low land hiking are done in all seasons except during monsoon.


Rock climbing, canoeing, and zip lining are famous sports in Nepal.
Boudhanath Stupa, Chitwan National Park, Poon Hill, Janaki Mandir, Bhaktapur, Phewa Lake, Pokhara, and Patan Palace Square are some of the top sights you may enjoy exploring on your trip to Nepal, which has the only triangular flag in the globe.


Indonesia; is the largest country in Southeast Asia, between the Indian and Pacific oceans. The country made up of 17 504 islands, is one of the cheapest countries to travel to and to make a living in!

Indonesia has a wide variety of adventure activities letting you have a view of the ancient temples across the country, hiking volcanoes, and diving into pristine unspoiled water.

Bali is the best tourist attraction spot in Indonesia which is most popular for its marvelous beaches, and Kuta is the most prominent beach in Bali, letting you experience surfing while Sanur is famous for its water sports. Gilli Islands which attracts many tourists and backpackers has beaches that surpass the picturesque beauty of the beaches in Bali, which will give the visitors a soothing and relaxing mind enjoying their vacation on the blue water. It even provides opportunities such as snorkeling in the turtle industry, diving, kayaking, and yoga too!

Komodo National Park where you can see Komodo dragons who are very much famous and are the talk of the town here can be sighted.

Bali - Photo by Alex Azabache

Pink beach on Komodo island and hiking, snorkeling, and canoeing are adventure options available too.

Sacred monkey forest, the forest located near Padangtegal, where animals such as long-tailed macaques, which are a species of monkeys commonly sighted in Southeast Asia can be sighted.

Mount Bromo is well known for its irresistible and incredible view, where the top blew off in an eruption of which white smoke can still be seen and can also be sighted in Indonesia.

Lake Toba is one of the natural wonders of Indonesia, Mount Krakatau is Indonesia’s most famous volcano, which erupted in 1883, Raja Ampat is a combination of a variety of islands and cays, Gunung Rinjani is one of Indonesia’s top famous volcanoes Pura Tanah Lot one of the most famous temples, etc. are some of the top sights that may pull your heart much closer to Indonesia.


Photo by Alex Azabache

The country lying partly in Asia and Europe, with scenery that never fails to impress is much special due to its unique, spectacular geographic position. The country is famous for its variety of oriental and European elements, carpets, hammam a Turkish bath, historical sites, and pleasing sweet treats such as Baklava and Turkish delights.

Istanbul, the only city in the world that straddles two continents namely Europe and Asia, and Cappadocia are famous destinations in the country. Turkey has the highest tea consumption per capita in the world.

If you’re planning on a vacation, Turkey is one of the best places to go to!
Here’s why!


One of the main factors if you’re planning on traveling on a low budget, is that Turkey is one of the cheapest destinations you can reach. This is inclusive of flights and accommodations too. Though traveling to the country is considered cheap, it still provides the most comfortable luxuries.

Traveling by bus is the cheapest mode of transportation in Turkey for both short and long distances. A ride in a bus provides you with free Wi-Fi, and a snack and is fully air-conditioned. The average price of a meal in Istanbul starts from 20 roughly up to 50 Turkish Liras.

Turkey is world famous starting from Hagia Sophia; the most popular tourist attraction in the country to the hot air balloon rides in Cappadocia which you may have to book way early on your trip to Turkey, due to the large crowd for this world-famous activity.

Ephesus is a city consisting of colossal monuments and inclusive of marble-columned roads. A visit to the city will give you a feeling of how life would have been at the time of the golden age of the Roman empire.

Cappadocia is famous for its marvelous unique rock formations which also provide you with an opportunity for hot air balloon rides. Starting from the latter bit of April until June, and months of September and October are best to visit as the weather can be perfect for air balloon rides.

Pamukkale; The Cotton Castle which is prominent and popular for its white terraces made of Travertine, which were formed through the evaporation of the calcareous thermal water from the springs has Calcium coated cliffs and pools and is situated in South Western Turkey. This is one of the best tourist attractions in the country, which will keep you wondering about its beauty throughout the day.

The blue mosque is another top sight that you may explore on your trip to Turkey. It is one of the top tourist attraction sites due to its diverse tradition and the significant importance given to the Ottoman Empire and Istanbul. You can observe the architectural beauty of the mosque which is filled with blue tiles having walls of interior design, visit the mosque!


Historical landmarks such as Galata tower, Basilica Cistern, Mount Nemrut mosques such as Kariye mosque, and Suleymaniye mosque, colloquial areas such as Cappadocia, and places such as Istanbul, Antalya, etc. are some of the top sights in Turkey.


Photo by Pink Mean

Manila is the country’s capital, and Quezon City is the most famous city in the Philippines. The Philippines is also one of the cheapest travel destinations, which attracts many tourists.

The cheapest products in the Philippines are dairy products, meat, cigarettes, and alcohol while rice, bread, vegetables, and fruits are also cheap compared to other countries.

Having the world’s longest underground river, rice terraces, amazing diving spots, lively festivals, the feature of more volcanoes than towns, and much more makes the Philippines spectacular from the rest of the world.

Having more than 175 languages in the country, the Philippines is made up of 7641 islands.

White Beach in Boracay is the most popular beach in the Philippines and provides you with plenty of boating opportunities, water sports, and snorkeling.

Shipwreck diving, Coron is another famous tourist site that lets you explore sunken ships, with suitable depths for both scuba divers and shallow water snorkeling.

Mayon Volcano, having a perfect cone peak, and being an active stratovolcano of which the elevation is greater than 2400 meters is a must-visit site in the Philippines. Travelers can request a hike, while cautious advice is given considering trekking through the forest to be a difficult task and as dangerous gasses are emitted near the peak of the volcano.

The chocolate hills that are green most of the year turning into brown during the dry season, going on the Underground river tour to Puerto Princesa, Island hopping, Ride in a Jeepney, Bird watching, Pagsanjan falls, Coral garden, etc. are some of the top sights you may explore in Philipines.


Photo by Umar Mukhtar

Kuala Lumpur is the capital of this country situated in Southeast Asia, Malaysia is a multi-ethnic and multi-religious country.

Planning your tour with much awareness can make your visit to Malaysia a cheap destination to travel to, as Malaysia though a cheap destination is not as cheap as countries like Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam. However, Malaysia is cheap compared to countries like Singapore.

Malaysia is a country that is surrounded by water and is constitution on 99 large islands.


Crude oil, palm oil, tin, and rubber production is done in the country and exported as well. Malaysia is world famous, especially for its historical structure, adventure activities, shopping, Malaysian Batik, mountains, pristine beaches, marine life, and apes.

Photo by Tiff Ng

Visiting Kuala Lampur, diving in the Perhentian islands, visiting George town, hiking mount Kinabalu national park, touring the tea plantations, going wildlife spotting, diving Sipadan islands, visiting Taman Negara National park, relaxing at Pulau Langkawi; its white sandy beaches and warming sunshine, white water rafting, touring Borneo to have a sight of the only great apes found in Asia – Orangutans, visiting the Malaysian temples, jungle trekking, etc. are some of the best activities to explore in Malaysia.

Petronas Twin Towers, the world’s tallest twin towers in world is one of the most attractive iconic spots in the country, that is inclusive of 88 floors.

Langkawi Malaysia’s most popular tropical attraction renowned for its white beach sand is another wonderful spot to be in! You can even observe magnificent mountains and rainforests that you cannot take your eyes off from!

Photo by Niko Cezar

Melaka city the unofficial historic capital of Malaysia is popular for its breathtaking sights and wealthy heritage.

Gunung Mulu National Park, Legoland, Batu caves, and Genting highlands are some of the attractive spots too!


Photo by Yuting Gao

Another travel destination that is cheap to travel to when considering flights and accommodations in Cuba. Though considered cheap it can be more expensive than countries like Mexico or Central American Nations.

Cuba, being a tropical Caribbean island is a popular tourist site famous for its pristine beaches, old architecture, buildings, glimmering coral reefs in the turquoise water, vintage cars, and much more.

A visit to Old Havana, lets you explore what life would have been like 200 years ago in Cuba.

Known as Habana Vieja, is a UNESCO world heritage site that includes Plaza de La Catedral, Catedral de san Cristobal are some attractive sights that may keep you wondering about its beauty.


Varadero Cuba’s most popular pristine beach destination that is made up of white sand that steals your attention draws many tourists to the site. This also has its famous ecological park, and it’s two caves.

Paddling in a lake on rowboats, in Parque Josone which is filled with lavish flower gardens, and a restaurant with a swimming pool is another interesting factor, while diving, snorkeling, deep sea fishing, golf, skydiving, and day trips are available in Varadero.

Cuba Street - Photo by Ryutaro Tsukata

Trinidad highlights the Church and Monastery of Saint Francis, the museum of colonial architecture, the art gallery, Palacio Brunetan; an awe-inspiring, magnificent home that was built in 1812 having marble floors featuring original frescoes are one of the other sights in the country.

Scenic wonderful sceneries of green sugarcane fields, palm trees, and beautiful views of mountains can be sighted in Trinidad either through a ride on horseback or drive.

( Photo by Ryutaro Tsukata )

Cayo Coco, one of the most picturesque yet most isolated beaches in Cuba, Baracoa, the oldest city in the country, Fusterlandia Museum, and Vinales are some of the top sights you may visit in Cuba.


Photo by Dominika Roseclay

Poland, a country in central Europe, is known as one of the cheapest countries to plan your tour to in the European Union. It is so much cheaper for anyone traveling from the United States.

This destination has lush, awe-inspiring, beautiful mountains, lakes, rivers, beaches, forests, national parks, natural gems, and rugged coastlines giving us all a spectacular view.

Taking yourself on a tour of the Crooked Forest located in Poland is another level of experience!

The trees growing here have the shape of an odd “C” letter, making you marvel at their beauty.


Bieszczady Mountains is the best hiking spot in Poland giving you a jaw-dropping stunning view making you fall for the beauty of Poland over and over again.

Morskie Oko in the Tetra mountains, the largest lake within the Tetra region gives you a glimpse of an irresistible wonder of the world.
Rysy peak is one of the popular places to go hiking, which will reveal to you the dazzling beauty of Morskie Oko along with its marvelous surrounding.

Bialowieza National Park which is famous for its virgin forest, Beskid Wyspowy, Masurian lake districts, and Eagles Nest Landscape parks are some of the top sights you may enjoy on your trip to Poland!


Photo by Milada Vigerova

Of all countries in Southeast Asia, Cambodia is comparatively the cheapest of all to take a tour to!

It is a country that is still developing, and that is one of the main reasons the country is cheap compared to other developed nations.

It is popular among visitors, especially for its ancient temples, extremely royal palaces, wonderful beaches, etc. Food in Cambodia is extremely cheap, and even accommodations; this makes it easy for any backpacker to travel to this destination as he/she will be traveling to a particular country based on its friendly budget.

Kampot is one of the most charming destinations you can visit on your trip to Cambodia, providing a picturesque view of the colonial structures in the city.

You can have a glimpse of beautiful waterfalls, explore boating on the river, and have a look at the ancient ruins.

Photo by HM Grand Central Hotel

Visiting Kratie during winter is the best to have a view of the French colonial buildings, the dolphins and the sunset at the Mekong river are famous too!

Sihanoukville is a snorkeling and kayaking spot, while you can enjoy windsurfing at Otres beach.

Siem Reap is popular for its ancient ruins, Koh Ker a tourist-attracting temple famous in Cambodia, Koh Rong has several beaches that will give you a great time of adventure, and snorkeling at The Rabbit Island is some of the best things you can explore on your trip to Cambodia.

Stated above are only some of the cheapest countries to travel to while there are many on the list!

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18 Places That You Won’t Find On Google



18 Places That You Won't Find On Google
Photo by Jonathan Borba

Google alone is sufficient for a man to what he wants to find out, from details to images, videos, and places it provides a vast range of information to mankind. Even the most complicated of details starting from any point on Earth to our very own houses, Google maps doesn’t fail to provide. Have you been aware that there are certain places even Google Maps has kept away from the world, that many people are not aware of? This article exposes such a 18 places that you won’t find on google.

Jeannette Island

The location for Jeannette Island Russia on Google maps search will leave you with an empty on both a map view and a satellite view. Though we are not exposed to the island, it is located in the Eastern Siberian Sea. It’s also mentioned that the island consists of a hidden Russian military base.

House of Ariel Castro

Aerial Castro is the man who kept three young women in his residence in Cleveland for a time of a decade. To hide this awful crime, not a single sight of his crime should be found, which is the case of this man Arial Castro.

Marcoule Nuclear Site

If it ever interested you to turn your attention towards what’s happening in the Marcoule Nuclear Site, you’ll fail to find out as the entire nuclear site will be exposed and pixelated on Google Maps. This is done at the request of the French Government.

Being France’s top nuclear facility, the Marcoule Nuclear Site consists of two tritiums-producing nuclear reactors.


The yard of orange trees Almeira

Located on the South East Coast of Spain is the city of Almeira, and researching this particular place on google maps is going to give you a mystery to find out. You will witness a large part of the city that is called the Yard of orange trees blurred out. In reality, a government office and a courthouse are situated within the square, to which only visitors are allowed.

Minami Torishima Airport

Run under the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force, this one-runway airport is located in Japan. This destination is neither blurred nor pixelated on google maps but the airport is over-saturated in white.

Being located on the off-east coast of Japan and being used by the Japan Maritime self-defense force could be the reason for this.

Faroe Islands

In between Norway and Iceland on the Atlantic Ocean are the Faroe islands. They consist of 18 volcanic islands becoming a part of the kingdom of Denmark. While parts of the islands are clear, some other parts seem to be obscured on maps.

The island comprises plenty of sea birds while each island is connected through tunnels, causeways, bridges, ferries, etc. The island also consists of mountains, valleys, and heathland.

North Korea

Researching this country on google maps will result in you with a part of the country’s western shore blurred. The country is known to be too private, it isn’t something to be surprised that a section of the country is blurred.

South Korea

West of its capital Seoul, South Korea has a blurred-out section along the West Coast.


The Oval Office

The oval office is where the president of the United States does his work. The White House of The United States can be seen clearly on Google maps, but the Oval Office is colored white.

The swimming pool of the White House though looks extremely elegant and inviting.

Sandy Island

A search for Sandy Island on Google maps will result in you blue-green blobs covering three islands. Sandy island is located off Australia‘s North-East coast.

First discovered in the late 1700s by Captain James Cook, the island was visible on google maps for 200 years, before the sections started blurring out on the maps.

Cattenom Nuclear Power Plant

Constructed from 1979 to 1991, Cattenom Nuclear Power Plant is the ninth largest Nuclear power station in the world. Located close to the city of Luxembourg, the entire area is pixelated when you search on google maps.

Kos International Airport

The airport located in Greece is operated by Fraport AG, while operations are carried out by Swissport charters an airline that brings sightseers to Kos Island.
The airport is mostly active during Summer.

Kalymnos Island National Airport

Located in Greece on the island of Kalymnos, the airport is completely pixelated on Google maps.


Amchitka Island

This has been the site for underground nuclear tests in the late 1950s. Searching for this island in the Aleutian chain will result in you with more than half the island blurred on the map. Three underground nuclear tests have been conducted on the island namely long shot, marrow, and cannikin. Cannikin is the largest underground nuclear test conducted by the United States of America.

Seattle Mayor’s House

eattle Mayor Jenny Durkan’s residence is blurred on Google map street view due to her work as a district attorney. Furthermore, protesters marched to Mayor Jenny Durkan’s home on the 28th of June 2020.


Located in Russia, certain buildings in the city of Butyn within the Moscow Oblast appear to be white and certain others are overdrawn in white as though they had been scratched out thoroughly. The reason for this is still unknown.


The two houses situated on Princeport Road is blurred on google street view since 2009. The house is located exactly in the Tilery area of Stockton on tees, and it is said that the owner of the house stated in a local newspaper that she has been living in the house since 2000 and has no idea as to why it’s invisible on google maps.

A neighborhood in Taipei

Though the neighborhood in Taipei can be seen clearly, when you start zooming in it blurs out. The reason for the blurred effect might be due to the U-shaped building consisting of a red roof, one of the facilities of the republic of China Air force.

Among such places that are hidden from the eye of the man could be a mystery or something less than that. However, it is interesting to have gained some knowledge on that!


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The Top 9 Wildlife Destinations in the World



The Top 9 Wildlife Destinations in the World
Photo by Ryutaro Tsukata

There are travelers of all types: the ones who travel for adventure, the ones looking for relaxation, some who may want a break from their monotonous daily routine to the ones who may love to explore, collect memories and go on a safari to spot wildlife! Starting from the icy realm of Antarctica to the jungle of Madagascar below is Discover planet’s wind-up of the top 9 wildlife destinations in the world.


Photo by Marko Klaric

An area that is remote, icy, and far beyond giving the feeling of standing at the edge of the world, is a place where you rarely see humans but plenty of animals rambling around.

You can enjoy breathtaking views of wildlife, at this destination. You may have a look at leopard seals feeding, experience the joy of walking amongst a major number of penguins, or even watch playful Orcas cruising alongside.

You will also have a marvelous experience of nature and its adventure through the pods of whales, elephant seals, fur seals, and penguins surrounding you the moment you enter the Antarctic waters.


Galapagos Island
Photo by ArtHouse Studio

The set of islands separated from the mainland is formed by volcanoes: and is a million years old. Wild animals have landed on the islands by air and sea. They slowly adapted to the surrounding environment of the islands and have now become species that can be found only on Galapagos Islands and nowhere else on Earth.

97% of the land is National Parks and a visit to the islands will let you explore sea lions lying on the streets taking majesty, and even massive lizards swimming around your boat giving you a once-in-a-lifetime amazing experience!

Ecuador decides and limits the number of people who may live and come as tourists. This is also one of the best and most unspoiled places on the Earth, especially due to its conservation efforts and protection laws.


Photo by Dianne Faye Magbanua

Having around 2 million visitors per year, Kenya is one of the most favored travel destinations in East Africa. The precisely varied country is loaded with wildlife, starting from the Big Five: African elephant, lion, leopard, Cape buffalo, and rhinoceros that roam its savannas to the marine species settled on their coastline.
A visit to Maasai Mara one of the most renowned best safari parks in the world will let you meet the big five if you time your trip to the annual migration.

You will be given the opportunity of feeding baby elephants at the orphanage in Nairobi or hang out with the largest living terrestrial animal: giraffes at the giraffe center. Furthermore, moving into Nairobi National Park will let you drive beside wild rhinos and wildebeests in a trice.


Costa Rica
Photo by akın akdağ

The country filled with lavish rainforests, beautiful beaches, and volcanoes is one of the other best destinations for wildlife. The central American country has it all such as the Howler monkeys, Anteaters, Sloths, and green tree frogs.

Costa Rica is home to many safe and protected National parks in the world, ensuring a safe, bright, and enlightened future for the animals.

The biodiversity and environmental consciousness of the country is a mind-boggling factors within the country. The country attracts around 1.7 million tourists each year and is a great wildlife preservative.


Madagascar Jungle
Photo By Gaspar Zaldo

Remote and outlying, having been isolated from the African Continent million years ago, Madagascar is an alluring paradise hidden and little known to the world outside.

Madagascar, famous for its Lemurs has remarkable wildlife. Lemurs can be spotted almost everywhere in a trice in Madagascar.

The most famous amongst them all is the ring-tailed lemur, well known for its intelligence. It is considered to be the most intelligent of them all. Verreaux Sifaka has an amazing talent for dancing sideways, and the smallest primate in Madagascar is the tiny grey mouse lemur.


Polar Bears
Photo by Robert Anthony Carbone

This is the land for Polar Bears making it their kingdom. You can spot dozens of polar bears in your surrounding much more than humans.

Apart from Polar bears, this jagged isolated land of glaciers is home to seals, whales, reindeer, and Arctic foxes.

You may also experience unusually marvelous episodes on your journey like a herd of polar bears feeding on a whale carcass, harp seals with their calves floating on ice sheets, and bulls of walruses stacked up to one another.


South Africa
Photo by Taryn Elliott

Having been home to many historical sites: that has to lead to a major turning point in world history, South Africa is one of the most diverse countries that can even be called a biodiversity hotspot with unique and spectacular biomes, plants, and wildlife.

You will be allowed to go on a wildlife safari in Kruger, the largest wildlife national park in the country. A visit to Boulders beach will expose you to witness the enchanting African penguin colony, while you can explore cage shark diving in Gansbaai town in South Africa and even experience seal snorkeling in Cape town!
For any wildlife lover, South Africa is heaven on planet Earth!



Australia consists of plants and animals that are spectacular and unique from the rest of the world. It is stated that more than 80% of species such as frogs, mammals, and reptiles are unique only to Australia and cannot be found anywhere else on Earth.

On your visit to most of the parks and reserves, you may witness the most famous species in Australia: Kangaroos hopping here and there of their free will, koalas swinging and holding on to Eucalyptus trees, wombats sleeping while snoozing in their bushes, and emus strolling and lingering leisurely.

Two of the most famous and best wildlife spots in Australia are Kangaroo Island and Rottnest Island while there is so much more to add to the list!


Mountain Gorilla
Photo by Charles J. Sharp (CC BY-SA 4.0)

Uganda is world famous for mountain gorillas, one of the most endangered animals on the planet. You can experience the wonderful feeling of coming so much closer to an animal so giant with no cage in between.

It is stated that 60% of the mountain gorillas left in the world are in Uganda.
Rwanda, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Uganda are the only places you can see mountain gorillas. Bwindi Impenetrable Forest is the best place to visit, for a gorilla trekking tour. Though you get to spend only an hour with the gorillas it is truly a thrilling, delightful, and overwhelming experience.

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10 Once in a Lifetime Destinations



10 Once in a Lifetime Destinations
Photo by Trace Hudson

Everyone loves to explore historical sites, new cultures, and traditions, marvelous views, stunning waterfalls magnificent mountains, various adventure activities, picturesque sceneries, etc. Travel is one such way of life that will add immense beauty to our lives, and create a chain of wonderful memories that you can carry for a lifetime. Stated below are some of the best destinations that you may take a tour to during your vacation, to explore all that you wish to and have a fun-filled, thrilling and exciting journey. 10 Once in a Lifetime Destinations.


Photo by Caleb Russell on Unsplash

This is one of the most beautiful destinations to reach, with cities like Sydney and Melbourne the entire country becomes an elegant scenery. Stunning beaches, amazing rainforests, top-notch hotels, and much more can be explored in this beautiful destination.

The Sydney Harbour, The Sydney Opera House, The Great Barrier Reef, and Ayers rock are some of the breathtaking sights you may always enjoy while adventuring in wildlife spotting that consists of Penguins, Koalas, Wallabies, Crocs, Sharks, Snakes, etc that will give you a thrilling adventurous experience.


Photo by Rowan Heuvel on Unsplash

Located in the Indo-Chinese Peninsula in Southeast Asia, the three countries are amongst the top ten places to take a tour. The three countries are known as Indochina sharing a history of French Colonialism.

Laos is a beautiful sight filled with temples to explore, coffee plantations, and remote villages ready to give you an environment filled with tranquillity. Vietnam on the other hand is famous for, the stupendous Hanoi city, the striking rock formations at Ha long bay, Cu Chi Tunnel, Thien Mu Pagoda, and elegant sceneries along its coast while Angkor Wat waits for you in the Cambodia jungle!


Photo by Sorovas CC BY-SA 3.0

This is the longest railway line on earth covering 9829 km. Starting from Moscow the railway runs till Vladivostok in the East. The Golden Eagle train will give you a luxury Trans-Siberian train experience.

The entire Transsiberian journey can take about nine days while expanding your period on the railway will let you explore the Romanov’s last home located in Yekaterinburg, have an adventurous hike close to Lake Baikal, and have a sight of Mongolia’s capital Ulaan Baatar. The charming experience you add to your life, especially through a railway is a sight you must never give up on!


National Parks - Canada
Photo by Samuel Bütikofer

Beautiful craggy mountains, wonderful wildlife experience sighting moose, bison, grizzly bears and much more can be sighted in Canada giving its visitors a marvelous experience. The picturesque mountains in the ice field highway, the eye-catching lake Morrain, and the open plains around Calgary let its visitors hike walk, ride and even experience ranching while spending their time out there. You can enjoy a day cruise at Prince Rupert, and go kayaking with killer whales in Telegraph Cove in Vancouver on your journey to the national parks of western Canada.

A blend of magnificent mountains, marvelous rainforests, abundant marine life, pristine beaches, and lodges create scenic sceneries on your tour of Pacific Rim National Park. You may also spot terrestrial mammals such as black tail dear, Vancouver wolves, river otters, Norway rats, etc.


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Consisting of intact landscapes, splendorous mountains, amazing rivers, and incredible wildlife Alaska can give you a marvelous experience once in a lifetime. Marine wildlife, calving glaciers, and adventurous cruises can be experienced in Alaska giving you an overwhelming and delightful feeling of excitement.

Visit the Denali National Park to experience wonderful wildlife that is inclusive of grizzly bears, wolves, moose, Dall sheep, etc. You may also explore calving glaciers and spruce forests.


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Hawaii is the best place to take a tour, to experience the coastline that is dotted with volcanoes together with a wonderful culture, luxuriant valleys, magnificent waterfalls, and sky-high coastal cliffs.

Hawaii is located in the Western United States and is typically recognized for its eight islands. The best time to visit Hawaii would be between March and September when the island receives less rain with a high temperature. Hiking and zipline opportunities as well as lush dramatic sceneries make Hawaii one of the most beautiful attractions.


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The West of The United States of America consists of a variety of impressive National Parks. Yosemite national park is perfect for a vocational tour consisting of its steep, striking waterfalls, deep valleys, granite domes, and giant, ancient sequoia trees.

Later once you reach the Desolate Death Valley that will give you a feeling of being on Mars, you can lead your way to the glorious Great Canyon, then to Yellow Stone and Grand Teton and hike as a marvelous adventure activity while sighting bison and wolves in the valleys. In addition, Glacier National park allows hiking opportunities while you can have a glimpse of grizzly bears.


Torres del paine national park
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An ethereal world awaits you with Crystal clear waters, striking glaciers, massive icebergs, and tall granite horns at the Torres Del Paine National Park.

You will be given various adventure opportunities to hike, sail and go kayaking in this striking part of the world. While trekking is the best way to explore this adventurous part of the world, you must wear your best pair of hiking shoes.


Romania Transylvania
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Romania is a historical region that will let you explore wonderful fairytale castles, and fortified churches while you may also meet truffle hunters, blacksmiths, and beekeepers who will let you witness the local traditions. You may also go on a horseback ride for adventure making your journey in the forest and woods remain wonderful and memorable.

It is your time now to decide on your once-in-a-lifetime destination to acquire an extraordinary adventure.

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